Professional development and paraprofessional support are at the core of our strategy. We invest heavily in supporting the development of integrated solutions and delivering reliable tools to those who need them most.


Rising Together Alliance provides professional development and inclusive education training for parochial school teachers within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. We empower schools to educate children with disabilities alongside their peers. We help teachers identify student learning strengths and challenges, design curriculum and instruction to meet their students' diverse learning needs, and deliver evidence-based interventions.


Through our grants, schools and families are able to apply for 1:1 paraprofessional support for their students with learning differences in a fully, inclusive environment.


Through our Support Services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. We are giving our teachers in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia access to inclusive and special education experts.


There is a larger societal misrepresentation of persons with disabilities caused by their marginalization causing some to falsely equate limited outcomes with limited ability. It is our moral obligation to transform the narrative around disability by providing improved outcomes through well-implemented inclusive models in Catholic schools and raising the next generation of Catholic school graduates to be a more inclusive, informed generation who will be advocates for all in need of social justice.